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BackJun 19, 2017
Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS

Re-appointment of Directors who were subject to Section 129 of the Companies Act, 1965

The following Directors who are over the age of 70 years, were re-appointed by shareholders at HeiTech Padu Berhad ("HeiTech") 21st Annual General Meeting ("AGM") held last year on 21 June 2016 pursuant to Section 129(6) of the Companies Act, 1965, to hold office until the conclusion of the HeiTech 22nd AGM to be held on 20 June 2017:

  • Dato' Mohd Fadzli Bin Yusof
  • Tuan Syed Agel Bin Syed Salim
  • Dato' Dr Mohamed Ariffin Bin Aton 

With the coming into operation of the Companies Act 2016 on 31 January 2017, there is no longer an age limit for Directors.

The Company hereby wishes to announce that the Board of Directors had approved vide Directors' Circular Resolution dated 19 June 2017, for the the re-appointment of Dato' Mohd Fadzli Bin Yusof, Tuan Syed Agel Bin Syed Salim and Dato' Dr Mohamed Ariffin Bin Aton as Directors of the Company when their term of office ends at the conclusion of the 22nd AGM and they shall continue in office as Directors of the Company, without any lapse of time.


This announcement dated 19 June 2017.

Announcement Info

Stock Name HTPADU
Date Announced 19 Jun 2017
Category General Announcement for PLC
Reference Number GA1-06062017-00008